We are two…

കവിതകള്‍ (My poems), English

The idea – as well as certain metaphors – of this poem, written in 1994, was stolen from a little-known Russian poem, the details of which I forgot.

We are two legs galloping forward,
     We are two eyes beholding the moon,
We are two lips containing a kiss,
     And we are two ears enjoying a tune.

We are two hands that stretch a bow
     And set an arrow to hit an aim,
We are two partners in a mixed doubles,
     Working together to win a game.

We are two sides of a Mobius strip
     Which are the same but still distinct,
We are two lids of a beautiful eye
     Which know to be one when they do want to wink.

We are like childish and matured lives,
     (When one ends and the other begins?)
We are like friendship and love all mixed,
     (Where one transforms to other and wins!).

We are like you and me, my girl,
Two wonderful lives with a common soul!